Thursday, May 14, 2009

An FO and some UFO's

The theme called for something oceanic for the month of June. I scratched out the original design in favor of this simple lined up shells of a variegated cotton thread in Shades of Blue and came up with the above piece called "Purly Shells." Just in time, too, for the deadline. Will it make the cut? Free pattern to come out next month.

In the meantime this unfinished object gets worked on at night as it doesn't put much strain on the eyes. I got used to the tight crocheting that making the thread miniature bear requires so that the first row stitches are snug as a bug in a rug. Hope it doesn't curl up like a rolly polly. :) Still trying to figure out how to sew the corners in to make it a thick, smaller square. Hmmmm.

Finally, a ladder yarn waiting on the sidelines. What will it be? A scarf, a belt-- any ideas?

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