Friday, May 8, 2009

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

People seem to be in a great hurry to get somewhere that many rely on the voice from above, the GPS, for fast, accurate direction. Reaching one's destination is so important in our time that in a survey done by NASA on April 21, 2009 concerning what people think are its greatest achievements, finding your way with GPS ranks first on the list.
While my itinerary does not include traveling great distances, I too can benefit from some direction when it comes to completing my projects.
I have, at last, finished my WIP from a few posts ago and was surprised to discover its length doubled from what I originally had in mind, which is a good lesson in knitting a swatch first.

I have also managed to complete my entry for "What's Your Bear's Pursenality?"

Putting together a miniature bear involves crocheting the arms, legs, ears, and head individually.

Then comes giving the head a face after which the ears are sewn next.

Then, finally, jointing the piece together.

For this challenge, I paired Honey Dew bear with the beaded purse brooch from here.

Then out of the blue, my number 2 son decided that he wanted a laptop cover for his laptop and so I enlisted the help of "Cables Untangled" for this commission.

After measuring the dimensions of the laptop, I found a cabled sweater that inspired me to knit the cover.

The color of choice is black with a sideways design orientation.

The cover can be easily slipped on or off as needed.

Here's a close-up of the cross-over stitch.

I'm pleased to report that he is happy with his new laptop cover.
On the other hand, even with the help of a newly acquired book from hopes of finishing my

freeform crochet entry on time faded as I decided to join "Hot Pads! and Potholders-- the Swap" in spirit as their list is full and plan to use these yarns below to make a

pattern called "
My Favorite Easy Potholder," featuring this (front and back views) simple, but pretty potholder.

Did I tell you about the Thread Teds Workshop I joined to make a scarf clip? Here's my initial progress.

I forgot to mention that I'm also designing another laptop cover (this time with a hugs and kisses cable) since the first one is a hit among my son's peers.
So with so many WIPs, I can't tell where this is leading or where I am going. Can you? : )

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