Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life is Full of Challenges

It has been said that we are living in times that are “critical” and “hard to deal with.” No sooner has one ordeal passed than another one comes and shakes us up even more. Some are driven to despair thinking that they will never come out of a downpour of trials. But just like the rain lets up, gradually we notice our burdens seem to lighten and things take a turn for the better. Though we don’t eagerly look forward to these, we come out of it wiser and stronger than we were before when things got rough. “What doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger,” as the saying goes.

In the world of the artisans, on the other hand, challenges are viewed very differently as they are presented in various themes to take the artists to the outer limits of their imagination. For example, the Freeform Crochet list, a group promoting a new crochet technique which at the same time is actively involved in charity work, is hosting one under the subject of, “Four Seasons.” Many of its members, myself included, eagerly signed up to join the challenge, but having no experience at all in freeform crochet, I later realized that I may have jumped in too soon. But I’m determined to enjoy the process and learn the new technique whether or not I make the deadline.

Spring is my season of choice and will be using this picture of a field of California poppies as an inspiration.

In this challenge, participants are allowed to choose one or more seasons as their subject(s).

The object of the freeform crochet is to form one finished piece from small motifs of different shapes, textures, and colors randomly.

The palette I'm using for the piece

It sounds easy, but it’s an art of which its principles I haven’t grasped yet so I’m using a couple of books to help me out with this project.

A richly illustrated Japanese crochet book from my bookshelf

Stitch book recently bought from Knitpicks

I’m just as curious as you probably are of how the piece is going to look so I’ll post the “big reveal” when it’s done.

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