Monday, April 6, 2009

A Knot of a Different Kind

This has nothing to do with literal knitting, and everything with its figurative sense or as it’s commonly referred to as “tying the knot.” I guess you could say that I play around with paper, too and with the love for paper came the joyful task of making invitations, birth and graduation announcements for close friends and family. The latest of these is a wedding invitation for Jennifer and Glenn—my first one. I was so nervous about its undertaking as it's for a major event, and specially because I’ve been using a very old Microsoft desk-top publishing program called Pictureit Platinum to do the job. (I promised my sons I'd learn Photo Shop as soon as I install the program in my computer.) But thanks to the gracious reassuring of the bride and her MIL-to-be, Lisa, doubts of making the grade gradually faded.

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