Thursday, June 4, 2009

Off the Hook

It was a long and slow detailed work, finally the Easy Potholder is done.

I still have a lot of cotton yarn in my stash, but I dare not make another one like this. Maybe I'll try another geometric pattern like this old fashion potholder
. And hope this one doesn't get old too soon. Anyway I'm eager to use the one above in the kitchen and see how good it works.

Another one that's off the hook for some time now is a bear amigurumi. Not a miniature one, but still not for child's play. I got the pattern from a Japanese Amigurumi book I purchased from Kinokuniya Bookstore. I tried to stay close to the color of the bear, using substitute yarns that are available at the LYS.
Then A couple of things came in the mail a few days ago... orange laceweight yarn which would make a pretty lace neckwarmer or cowl.

And a pretty green fingering weight yarn with which I am currently knitting a

sock using a pattern called Keukenhof Sok designed by Anne Hanson from knitspot, which is my very first sock project. I'm happy to report that the instructions are clear and the pattern-- easy to remember and follow.
I also have a couple of WIPs that are on the needles so next time, I'll be posting about these too.

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  1. those socks will be SO pretty in that green, have fun!