Sunday, June 21, 2009

Purly Shells Bookmark

Purly Shells Bookmark by Mylyne De Jesus

Copyright © 2009

Supplies Needed:

South Maid (Shades of Blue) or other equivalent No. 10 cotton thread

US#2 (2.75 mm)

Size 9 (0.85mm) crochet hook (or any size that would fit through tassel loop)

Tapestry needle


Seed st = Row1: knit, purl, knit. Repeat this row.

Yo = yarn over

Wyif = with yarn in front

LH = left hand

P5tog = purl 5 stitches together

P2tog = purl 2 stitches together


CO 15 sts.

Bottom Border: Work in seed stitch for 2 rows.

Side Borders: Work first 2 and last 2 row sts in seed st (k1, p1 for the R border and p1, k1 for the L border) throughout pattern unless instructed otherwise.


Work as follows:

Row 1(Right Side): K.

Row 2: P.

Row 3 to 4: Work as Rows 1 and 2.

Row 5: K.

Row 6: P5, k5, p5.

Row 7: K4, (k1, yo, k1) in the next st, k5 wrapping yarn twice for each st, (k1, yo, k1) in the next st.

Row 8: P4, k3, wyif sl 5 sts dropping extra wraps then insert LH needle back into these

5 long sts and p5tog, k3, p4.

Rows 9 to 24: Repeat Rows 1-8.

Row 25 to 30: Work as Rows 1 and 2 to prepare for the next step.

Top Border:

Work in garter stitch.

Decrease right and wrong side rows by working end row stitches as follows: K1, p2tog, k up to last 3 sts, end p2tog, k1.

Continue working decrease pattern until 5 sts remain on needle.

P2tog, k1, p2tog-- 3 sts remaining.

Then p2tog, k1, pull last st through loop.

Leaving a 12-inch tail, break thread. Cut 3 threads (of the same kind) measuring 24 inches each and thread through same loop as top border tail end and knot altogether. Trim to desired length.

Weave bottom tail at back of work.

Block as needed.

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